Components of “Deliciousness”

One word is not enough to describe “deliciousness.”

“Deliciousness” is composed of various taste components. Combination of taste, flavor, overall taste, culture, and environment are involved in the word “delicious!”

One word is not enough to describe “deliciousness.”
Taste sensed on the tongue
Taste sensed on the tongueIncludes five basic tastes (sweetness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness, and umami), astringency, and pungency.
“Resonance” in taste
“Resonance” in tasteTaste impressions influenced by richness (extended depth and expansion of taste) and aroma are sensed as “resonance” of taste.
Amount and strength found in taste
Amount and strength found in tasteFactors that influence overall taste experience are texture, temperature, color, shininess, shape and sound.
Culture and environment in taste
Culture and environment in tasteVarious taste influence from past dietary habit, cultural background, and physical/mental habit.