Case ExampleTaste Watch December 2010

 Taste Watch is a condensed one page length report with colorful graphs and charts focusing on various food/beverage categories. The report provides alternate view regarding taste and examples of how to use analyzed taste data.


Surprising International Beer Grouping

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages enjoyed worldwide. Each beer brand has its own distinct taste influenced by its brewed location and method. To see if there are differences and similarities in taste depending on brewed country, 15 beer brands from Europe, Asia, and North America are analyzed and evaluated.

Figure 1
Three Taste Groups

Total of 15 beer brands are measured in this report. Figure 1 is a scatter plot using "BItterness (foretaste)" and "Crispness." Three taste groups are found, which are Rich, Moderate, and LIght/Crisp. Those in the Rich group have strong "Bitterness" and "Crispness," which includes Singha Lager from Thailand, Tiger Lager from Singapore, and Heineken from Netherland. Next, the Moderate group beer products have moderate amount of "Umami" and "Crispness," which includes Corona Extra from Mexico, Chang Classic form Thailand and Kirin Ichiban from Japan. Last group, the Light/Crisp group has light balance with strong "Bitterness" and strong "Crispness." Product includes OB Beer and Hite Beer from Korea, and Bali Hai Premium Beer and Anker Beer from Indonesia.

Comparison in Overall Balance

Figure 2 shows taste balance of beer brands found in each three groups from Figure 1. Tastes used as axes includes: "Bitterness(foretaste and aftertaste)", "Umami(foretaste and aftertaste)," and "Crispness."

Figure 2

The Rich group has strong "Bitterness(fore and aftertaste)" and subtle "Crispness," creating strong impact of rich bitterness of beer to enjoy.


The Moderate group has good amount of "Richness(foretaste and aftertaste)" and "Umami(foretaste and aftertaste)" with "Crispness" for well balanced beer.


For the light/crisp group, hint of "Bitterness(fore and aftertaste)," "Umami (fore and aftertaste)" and rather strong "Crispness" creates a clean tasting beer best served as a quencher.