Case ExampleTaste Watch April 2011

Taste Watch is a condensed one page length report with colorful graphs and charts focusing on various food/beverage categories. The report provides alternate view regarding taste and examples of how to use analyzed taste data.

Mineral Water

Taste of Popular Mineral and Sparkling Water Brands

Global water bottle market continues to grow due to consumer's health awareness and/or simply for its taste. Regular mineral water and sparkling (carbonated) mineral water are sold worldwide. This report includes 10 brands of mineral water from France, Italy, the United States, Germany, and Japan.

Figure: Taste Map (Mineral Bitterness and Saltiness)

When it comes to taste of water, mineral content is one of the most influential components. Figure above is a taste map using "mineral bitterness (bitterness/ inorganic ions)" and "saltiness" as axes to see various tastes of mineral water brands. According to the map, it shows clear difference in plotting area by hard and soft water.

Hard Water/ Sparkling Water

Brands known for their hard water, a type of water with high content of dissolved minerals, have strong "mineral bitterness" and "saltiness" creating its distinct crisp taste. Within hard water area, sparkling mineral water brands, such as Gerolsteiner from Germany and Vichy Celestin from France, are plotted on stronger area compared to non-sparkling water. Non-sparkling hard water brands are found in an area with less "saltiness" compared to sparkling water brands.

Soft Water

The soft water brands, on the other hand, due to low mineral content in the water, are located in low "mineral bitterness" and "saltiness" area. Compared to non-sparkling hard water brands, soft water brands have less "mineral bitterness" and slightly less "saltiness." In case of Volvic and Evian, although both brands are from France, they have almost the similar amount of "saltiness" but different amount of "mineral bitterness." The brand with the lowest "mineral bitterness" and "saltiness" is Ten-nensui Minami Alps from Japan, has clear taste.