Case ExampleTaste Watch August 2011

Taste Watch is a condensed one page length report with colorful graphs and charts focusing on various food/beverage categories. The report provides alternate view regarding taste and examples of how to use analyzed taste data.

Canned Coffee

Regionally Designed Starbucks Doubleshot Series (Radar Charts)

Although sold in same brand product name all over the world, many product's taste are individually designed to meet taste preferences of targeted country or region. Starbucks, one of the multinational coffee companies, designed its canned coffee, "Doubleshot" series, that matches to preference of Japanese and U.S. consumers.

Overall Taste

Figure above are radar charts of each product to see overall taste. Tastes used in the radar charts include bitterness (foretaste and aftertaste), astringency, milkiness, and sourness.

In "Espresso Mist," in addition to bitterness and milkiness, sourness is also very strong. Astringency, which is usually considered unfavorable in coffee taste, is lower than other tastes. Sourness felt from acidity brings out liveliness of the espresso. The addition of milk creates rich milky espresso. "Espresso Con Panna" has a taste shape very close to Espresso Mist.

"Espresso Cream" shows very similar shape of Japanese series, with less intensity overall. This may be due to taste preference of the U.S.A. consumers, who prefers their coffee in lower strength for daily consumption. "Energy+Coffee" shows the most difference of all products. It has least bitterness, strong milkiness, and very low astringency. This taste design creates a smooth energy drink with light bitterness of the espresso with clear aftertaste. It is likely that strong milkiness masks bitterness of the espresso.

Even though there are differences in Doubleshot series between Japan and the U.S.A., there is a distinct taste shape shared between the two series. The shape is so clear that it can be defined as the signature taste shape of Starbucks Doubleshot espresso.