Case ExampleTaste Watch October 2011

Taste Watch is a condensed one page length report with colorful graphs and charts focusing on various food/beverage categories. The report provides alternate view regarding taste and examples of how to use analyzed taste data.

Barbecue Sauce Comparison

Barbecue sauce has wide range of variation of taste, such as smoky hickory taste, tangy fruity taste, and sweet/salty taste, to name a few. Preparation steps are also another aspects to consider, since marinating to a raw meat and dipping into a cooked meat can also influence taste. In this report, we will look at three popular barbecue sauce sold in the U.S.A.

Difference in Umami and Smoky Taste

Two scatter plots with three barbecue sauceproducts are shown. In [saltiness] and [umami] axes,[Mr.Yoshida's Marinade & Cooking Sauce] is thestrongest of the three. Remaining two products arelocated in light taste. Strong [umami] makes a cookedmeat savory and can be used for dipping cookedmeat, while light taste brings out meat's taste by marinating.
 Second scatter plot uses [smoky] and [smoky(aftertaste)], both derived from low concentration ofbitterness, as axes. In these taste axes, [Bull's-EyeBBQ Sauce] is located in a area which indicates strong smoky taste that creates satisfying and hearty taste. 

Difference in Balance

Next are radar charts of each product with 6 taste axes (smoky, richness, saltiness, smoky aftertaste,rich aftertaste, sourness) .
 [Mr.Yoshida's Marinade & Cooking Sauce] has overall same taste strength in each axes and there is no extremely strong taste that overpowers other taste.
 [Sourness] is slightly low, which creates smooth and mellow tasting sauce.
 [Bull's-Eye BBQ Sauce] has strong [smoky] taste and [sourness], with low [richness] and [saltiness]. It also has strongest [smoky (aftertaste)], creating a deep smoky taste that lingers in the mouth for satisfying taste.
 [Jack Daniel's Original No,7 Recipe Barbecue Sauce] has strong [smoky] taste and [sourness], with low [richness] and [saltiness]. Smoky taste of barbecue and addition of sourness creates a pungent and flavorful sauce. Since the product does not have too much [richness] and [saltiness] yet strong
 [sourness], it is a tangy and light tasting sauce.