Case ExampleTaste Watch December 2011

Taste Watch is a condensed one page length report with colorful graphs and charts focusing on various food/beverage categories. The report provides alternate view regarding taste and examples of how to use analyzed taste data.

Potato Snacks: Basic, Kettle-Style, and Crisps

Difference from Cooking Method

Figure 1 is a taste map using richness(derived from product's ingredient mainly frompotatoes) and umami as axes. According to themap, kettle-style potato chips have the mostumami and rather strong richness, giving ahearty potato taste. Strong umami and richnessis from slow frying selected potatoes in lowtemperature, bringing out rich browned flavorthat creates depth to their chips. Popular basicpotato chips have slightly less umami andrichness, making the chips have light andstraightforward taste that matches for anyoccasion. Potato Crisps, which is Pringles(original) by Proctor and Gamble in this case,has strong richness and less umami comparedto potato chips. This may be due to variousingredients in a dough such as rice, and wheatin addition to potato, bringing out complexity andrichness in taste not found in potato alone.

Taste Comparison of Each
Individual Taste Characteristics

Figure 2 are radar charts of each product. For axes, saltiness and richness (aftertaste) areused with richness and umami. The data used in radar charts is standardized to seeindividual taste characteristics. First, Pringles (original) has strong amount of richness andsubtle umami and saltiness, creating sharp distinct taste. In Kettle-style potato chips havestrong body of taste overall. Terra Yukon Gold Original by Hain Celestial Group has strongumami, giving a mellow taste of Yukon Gold potatoes. Kettle Classics (natural) by ClassicFoods Inc. have bold hearty taste with strong umami, richness, and richness in aftertaste toenjoy. Basic potato chips are light bodied compared to kettle-style. Lay's Classic from Frito-Lay Inc. has well balanced taste that matches any meal scene. Ruffles Original, also fromFrito-Lay Inc., has subtle amount of richness, making the chips light and crisp taste withoutany lingering aftertaste.