Case ExampleTaste Watch February 2012

Taste Watch is a condensed one page length report with colorful graphs and charts focusing on various food/beverage categories. The report provides alternate view regarding taste and examples of how to use analyzed taste data.

Soy Beans

Various Imported Soy Bean Lines

Tofu, soy milk, miso paste, natto (fermented soybean), kinako (soybean flour)...there are endless Japanese products made from soy beans. However, according to Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan produces about 230 thousand tons, which is about 0.1% out of 22.27 million tons of soybeans produced around the world. Japan heavily imports soybeans from other countries to meet the country's need to produce soy bean products. Within soy bean category, there are many lines available in its market. In this report, 8 soy bean line's tastes are analyzed.

Taste Characteristics: Taste Map

Figure 1 is a taste map using [umami] and [astringency] as axes. High output of both axes indicates rich bean taste.
 Overall, most soy bean lines have strong [astringency] output compared to [umami] output. [YASMIN] has rich bean taste with high [umami] and [astringency] output. [S03W4] has strong astringent taste of bean with high [astrigency] and low [umami] output. In contrast to many soy bean lines, [Brad] has low [astringency] output,indicating light taste.

Taste Characteristics: Radar Chart

Figure 2 shows radar charts for each soy bean lines with [astringency (aftertaste)],[umami (aftertaste)] and [sweetness] axes added. The data is standardized with sample average as standard, for easier comparison and to show taste characteristics clearly. Therefore, the output is different from taste map from Figure 1.
 Here too, [YASMIN] has strong [umami] and [astringency] in both fore and after taste. [Brad] has high output in [astringency (aftertaste)] balance. Compared with other samples [Leova] has balanced output in all axes. [S03W4] has strong aftertaste output showing lingering bean taste.
 Each lines have distinct taste characteristics. By identifying each taste characteristics, the information can be used to identify which line is best for tofu, soy milk, and various other soy bean products.