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Free English Seminar

T&A is a marketing and consulting company that concentrates on utilization and expression of taste. To provide detailed information regarding our services and current market trend, we provide free seminars aiming toward those who are in charge of food/beverage manufacture and distribution. The seminar is done in small group session.

Below is currently scheduled English seminar date.

[English Seminar]
DateJuly14th(Thu)from 14:00-16:30
Title Introduction to the Taste Sensing System
Presentor Marketing Service Dept. Yuri Kohira
InformationThis seminar covers basic mechanism of the Taste Sensing System and marketing use of retrieved taste data.
General Schedule14:00-16:00 Seminar, Q&A Session
16:00-16:30 Tour of T&A Laboratory (for those who are interested)
Seminar Registration
From the T&A seminar registration site (Japanese), enter all necessary information, print out a registration sheet sent to your email, and bring it to the seminar.
email :
Telephone: 045-348-7201 (ask for Yuri , Marketing Service Department)